A really good turnout of 21 riders entering our inaugural Group 3 and 4 Hill Climb at Southampton Sports Centre. Many thanks to the two Jon’s and parent helpers for making this a real success.

Hill climb results:

1,J. Bignell,50
2,E. Harrison,51
3,L. Phillips,34
4,C. Shepherd,38
5,D. Forrester,38
6,G. Connell,36
7,F. Banks,50
8,R. Taylor,41
9,P. Carline,51
10,C. Forrestter,38
11,S. Phillips,38
12,S. Martingale,48
13,G. White,55
14,L. Kirk,34
15,S. Ridgment,38
16,M. Darnton,29
17,J. Lowe,36
18,I. Hall,36
19,S. Kesall,45
20,O. Allman,39
21,E. Ridgment,54