Round three of the Miche Wessex CX League was again held at Foxhill on Sunday, hosted by Andy Smith Events. Situated on a hilltop, south of Swindon this moto-cross venue is blessed with views to rival the best – not that many had time to soak it all in as fierce racing was matched by sunny and dry but challenging terrain. Familiar off-camber features like the hillside switchbacks, rutted turns and a super bumpy bank were back to challenge riders but it was an innocuous looking patch of gravel on the exit to a flat turn seemed to claim most victims. 14 Sotonia youth riders were in action after the drive to Swindon, claiming eight top five finishes between them! Big up also to the supporters and team mates who rang their cowbells so enthusiastically and cheered the riders each lap!

Great riding everyone!

Thanks to Pitchside Paul for the photos