The “Geoff Shergold Memorial Cross” organised by the Crabwood Cycling Club was a very muddy affair. The U10 / U12 course was probably the hardest of the 2019/20 season. Riders were treated to deep mud, long climbs and technical terrain.

Before we document the achievements of our youth riders a big shout out is due for two of our coaches. Jez Hart saw a good season rewarded with a win in the Vet 50 race and Phil Banks quietly rode to a very credible 6th place in the senior event.

The Sotonia U8 girls changed finishing position every race this year and this time Tilly came out on top finishing in first place with Eve Carline in second place. Billy has gotten used to being on the podium this year but in the last race of the season he finished behind a sea of Blue Cotswolds Veldrijden riders in 4th place.

In the U10 race both Eva and Tom Wilks crowned their good season with yet more podium finishes. Eva coped very well with the mud clogging up her bike and finished in 2nd U10 Girls position. Tom had very consistent and fast lap times and he finished in a solid 3rd position. In the U10 Girls race Marit struggled to push her heavy bike the last 50m to the finish. We have decided the Crabwood race is “cursed” for the Davidse’s as she struggled with mud making the bike un-moveable in the last three editions of the race.

Izzy Hall showed everyone that she is ready for U14 racing next year as she once again finished in first position. Niclas and Monty gave us a very exciting race in the U12 Boys. As always Monty was fast out of the blocks but his aggressive racing and risk taking meant that he summersaulted into the mud on lap 3. This gave Niclas the chance to move into third place and his consistent and good lap times meant he finished in a well deserved 3rd place. Just like Izzy he is also ready for U14 racing next year. Monty recovered from his fall but was not able to get close again and he finished in 4th place.

Benji has done many races this year and all this experience paid off as the last race of the season was probably his best one finishing ahead of Tom Allen who was a proud cyclist and refused all help when his chain fell off.

The U14 Girls race saw Olivia, Emma and Ruby stay close together on lap one. The longer course and race also meant that the bikes gathered more mud. Ruby came into the pits on lap two and your correspondent spent 20 seconds trying to clear the mud from the brakes. On the last lap Emma and Ruby came into the pits together to have their bikes cleaned and they left the pits together for an exciting last few minutes of racing. Emma came out on top, finishing in 6th place with Ruby behind in 7th. By then Olivia had already finished in 4th place after posting good lap times.

In the U14 Boys race Louis had a good race finishing in 7th place. Samuel and Jonathan had a close battle all race but in the last lap Samuel had the upper hand finishing in 9th place ahead of Jonathan in 10th.

Max Darnton was our only rider in the U16 race but just like all season he competed at the head of a fast field finishing in 6th place despite a mid-race mechanical.

Great riding everyone!


U8 Girls
Tilly Wilks 1st, Eve Carline 2nd, Isabella Mar-Molinero 4th, Jaya Martingale 5th

U8 Boys
Billy Dyer 4th, Giulio Scarponi 5th, Harry Banks 6th, Lorenzo Scarponi 7th, Samuel Comben 10th, Thomas Comben 11th

U10 Girls
Eva Mar-Molinero 2nd, Sophie Jacobs 5th, Marit Davidse 7th

U10 Boys
Tom Wilks 3rd, Freddie Kesall-Joel 16th

U12 Girls
Izzy Hall 1st, Ella Ridgment 7th, Skye Martingale 8th, Poppy Carline 10th

U12 Boys
Niclas Olley 3rd, Monty Flavell 4th, Stanley Philips 6th, James Blankly 12th, Benji Pike 14th, Tom Allen 16th

U14 Girls

Olivia Allman 4th, Emma Harrison 6th, Ruby Flavell 7th

U14 Boys
Samuel Ridgment 7th, Jonathan Lowe 10th, George Connell 21st

U16 Boys
Max Darnton 6th