Round 13 of the Wessex Cyclocross league at Crow was held at an exciting and beautiful venue deep in the New Forest countryside. The course was more technical than most of the courses that our riders have raced this year. There were steep and short banks, downhill corners and many twists and turns. A total of 29 riders of our coaching group raced on the day, all excellently supported by Natalie from the events team.

A number of highlights were: Freddy making a return back to CX and finishing 6th in U8 boys, Corden putting his earlier bad experience at the Andover race behind him and racing well in the U8s, Eva getting used to racing and pushing Marit in the U10s, Charlie nearing a top 10 finish in the U12s and Samuel finding his old form to finish 6th in the U12s.

As always some of our riders managed to climb on the podium with Tilly finishing 2nd in U8 girls and Izzy 3rd in the U12 girls.

U8 girls
Tilly Wilks 2nd, Jaya Martingale 5th

U8 boys
Freddie Kelsall Joel 6th, Harry Banks 9th, Corden Eccleston 11th

U10 girls
Skye Martingale 7th, Sophie Eccleston 10th, Marit Davidse 11th, Eva Mar-Molinero 12th

U10 boys
Stanley Philips 4th, Jo Bignell 5th, Finlay Banks 10th, Tom Wilks 12th, Tom Allen 13th, Benji Pike 16th

U12 girls
Izzy Hall 3rd, Olivia Allman 4th, Emma Harrison 9th, Ruby Flavell 11th

U12 boys
George Connell 5th, Samuel Ridgment 8th, Charlie Shepherd 11th, Jonathan Lowe 14th, Monty Flavell 19th, Sid Kelsall Joel 28th, Harry Lawrence 29th

U14 girls
Lucy Philips 5th

U14 boys
Max Darnton 7th, Louis Kirk 15th