The Andover race was held at a new venue for the Wessex League – Redenham Park near Andover. It proved to be one of the longest and most challenging courses for the U10s and U12s of the season so far. The bumpy grassland meant that wheels did not roll and our riders had to keep pushing those pedals to keep the bike moving. Riders with smaller wheels were at a distinct disadvantage.

In the U8 race Tilly took advantage of Tess’s absence and rode to a 1st place! Skye had a brief respite from Marit endlessly chatting and she rode to a very solid 3rd place in the U10 Girls. Our U10 Boys made up over a quarter of the field in that race and they all rode well. Tom enjoyed his first race although his smaller wheels made the going hard.

The U12 race proved a difficult day out for Izzy and Samuel who both came up against health niggles but as they say form is temporary and class is permanent so they will come back stronger! Charlie was in a great battle and he let out the occasional roar to finish in 11th place. George White had a solid race and his position showed how high the level is of U12 racing as he was towards the back of the field but miles ahead of 2 first timers who gave racing a try. George Connell was our highest placed rider but he had to settle for 4th place this week.

Max and Louis were once again our representatives in the U16 Youth race. The long course and their position in the field meant that they were racing around 40 minutes! Both finished in the same lap as the leader which is a good achievement given they are up against 15 year olds.

U10 race – 35 in race
U8 Girls
Tilly Wilks 1st (28)
U8 Boys
Harry Banks 7th (31), Corden Eccleston 10th (35)

U10 Girls
Skye Martingale 3rd (16), Marit Davidse 7th (22)
U10 Boys
Tom Wilks 6th (7), Finlay Banks 11th (14), Samuel White 12th (18), Tom Allen 14th (23) Lucas Mills 15th (27)

U12 race – 36 in race
U12 Girls
Olivia Allman 8th (26), Emma Harrison 9th (29), Izzy Hall 11th (36)

U12 Boys
George Connell 4th (4), Samuel Ridgment 9th (11), Charlie Shepherd 11th (14), George White 21st (30)

U16 race – 27 in race
U14 Boys
Max Darnton 9th (16), Louis Kirk 11th (20)